G.I.N. [GOD IS NOW] strives to offer beautiful things that drift between peculiar and familiar, simple and complex, functional and impractical, art and craft, conceptual and concrete. It references the past, present and projections of the future to create enduring style. It betrays a determination to make things by hand as a resistance to our microwave culture. Influenced by the guiding principle of artist Andrea Zittel, “Rules make us more creative," each product will be made in response to a prompt that explores an idea or attempts to solve a problem.


SMOCKSHOP: I joined Andrea Zittel’s artist collective, Smockshop, in 2008 producing simple garments that reinterpreted Zittel’s original design. As a testament to Zittel’s governing principle that “rules make us more creative” each smock conforms to a pattern of a simple double- wrap garment. Working within the set parameters I reconfigured the design so that my smocks hinged from the front and the back, rather than the sides then sewed this smock and quilting techniques associated with African American culture. Smockshop explore the intersections of function and fashion, design and life, commerce and art, limitation and freedom. The concepts explored in these endeavors echo in the evolution of my art practice through my experimentation with materials. The installation views shows my smocks alongside those of the other fantastic artists in the collective. The pop-ups traveled from LA to New York, Chicago, London, Berlin and Melbourne.


Osei-duro is a label based in Los Angeles, CA and Accra, Ghana, producing textiles and garments in Ghana by applying traditional techniques such as hand dyeing and weaving. I am collaborating with them on making housewares and clothing using the excess fabric left from previous production seasons. Pictured are two quilts I designed for them in Ghana for their Kickstarter campaign in 2015. More collaboration coming....


On occasion I've had the opportunity to design and make garments for creative projects. Pictured are two coats I made for Stephen Bruner aka Thundercat, which have been worn for his album art, touring and television appearances.