“Narratives and Meditations” - Papillion (Los Angeles, CA) 2014.

“sonder” - Papillion Institute of Art (Los Angeles, CA) 2013.

“euphemisms” - Curve Line Space Gallery (Los Angeles, CA) 2011.


"Linked in Tradition, Inspiring in Vision: A Selection of Works by African American Women Artists" - Robert and Frances Museum of Art (San Bernadino, CA) 2017

"Black Joy" - Yale University. (New Haven, CT) 2016

"Southland" - Charlie James Gallery. (Los Angeles, CA) 2016.

“We Must Risk Delight” – Accademia di Belle Arti di Venezia, Venice Biennale (Venice, Italy) 2015.

"African Electronics" - CHALÉ WOTE Street Art Festival (Accra, Ghana) 2015.

“The Silence of Ordinary Things” – The Mistake Room. (Los Angeles, CA) 2015.

“I Just Want the Paper” - The Mine Factory. (Pittsburgh, PA) 2014.

“i:23” - The Yokohama Triennial. (Yokohama, Japan) 2014

“An American Water Margin” - Ucity Museum at Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts, (Guangzhou, China) 2014

“OPEN” - Papillion (Los Angeles, CA) 2014.

“Interface: Art/Fashion/Anti-Fashion” - Cal State Long Beach (Long Beach, CA) 2013.

“Mas Attack” - Torrance Art Museum (Torrance, CA) 2013.

“125th Anniversary Alumni Show” - Occidental College, Weingart Gallery (Los Angeles, CA) 2012.

“Mis-Design” Ian Potter Museum, University of Melbourne (Melbourne, Australia) 2011.

“panelshop/Design Loves Art” Pacific Design Center (Los Angeles, CA) 2011.

"Expanding the Matrix" - Occidental College's Weingart Gallery (Los Angeles, CA) 2010.

“smockshop Berlin” Sprüth Magers Gallery (Berlin, Germany) 2009.

“smockshop High Desert Test Sites CB08” California Biennial (Joshua Tree, CA) 2008.




“Sonder” – Crenshaw/LAX project, LA METRO. (Los Angeles, CA) 2015-2016.

One of fourteen selected artists to create site-specific, integrated artworks for the Crenshaw/LAX project.


“Four Women” - Alliance Française Accra Mural series (Accra, Ghana) 2014

Commissioned mural by Alliance Française to commemorate International Women’s Day.


“Métamorphose” - L’Exposition AD Interieurs (Paris, France) 2013.

Five commissioned portraits by architect, Elliott Barnes, and featured in his installation at the AD Interieurs Metamorphose exhibition.


“Ray Charles America” - A&E Documentary:

Commissioned drawing of Ray Charles, featured in the television documentary, Ray Charles America. The filmed has aired on the Biography channel and featured in two film festivals, Directed by Alexis Manya Spraic.



Founded by artist, Andrea Zittel, a select group of emerging artists were invited to create their own interpretation of her utilitarian garments. called smocks. They were exhibited in a series of “pop-up” shops.


Yale University School of Art (New Haven, CT)

MFA candidate, Class of 2018.


Occidental College (Los Angeles, CA)

B.A. in Art History and Visual Arts, Cum Laude

Minor in Anthropology; Multicultural Summer Institute

Occidental College Off-Campus Study Program, American University (Washington, DC) 2001: Washington Semester in the Arts: artist internship, research project, seminar, and field studies.