Collaboration with Kuyum Arts Investigation

The March is a visual and performative piece that weaves together ideas about history, allegiance, pride and protest. Using the function of a flag as the point of departure, it considers the power of cultural symbols to project strength and solidarity. In a world that’s increasingly connected through digital platforms, it raises questions about how we, as individuals, choose our allegiances and how will they project our story. A series of portraits of various artists are drawn on large-scale flags that integrate coding technology to make them interactive. Each image on the flags are made by stamping a QR (quick-response) code with rubber stamps to the material to create a pixelated portrait. The stamped code links to this site. A kaleidoscope of images, texts and profiles will be continuously added to this page, looking to our creative community as guides that help reconfigure history and new narratives that can guide us through social unrest.